Your Inner Child

Your Inner child work is a vital component of inner work because it reconnects us with a wounded element of ourselves,  When we reconnect with this fragmented part of ourselves, we can begin to discover the root of many of our fears, phobias, insecurities and sabotaging life patterns. This is where the true healing happens! 

Coupled with Lucia Light and Hypnotherapy allows the mind to re-visit and get answers the come from within your subconscous mind. You will also be able to visit your inner child with a download that you can listen to at home anytime.   

This 3 session package is $300.00 incudes all that you need to get started

Examples of childhood trauma could include:

  • Being hit or smacked by your parents/grandparents
  • Having an emotionally unavailable parent who withholds affection
  • Being “punished” by kicking, shaking, biting, burning, hair pulling, pinching, scratching or “washing out the mouth” with soap
  • Being the recipient of molestation, shown pornography, or any other type of sexual contact from a parent, relative or friend
  • Being the child of divorce
  • Being given inappropriate or burdensome responsibilities (such as caring for your parents)
  • Not being fed or provided a safe place to live from your parents
  • Abandonment (your caretakers leaving you alone for long periods of time without a babysitter)
  • Emotional neglect, i.e. not being nurtured, encouraged or supported
  • Being deliberately called names or verbally insulted
  • Denigration of your personality
  • Destruction of personal belongings
  • Excessive demands
  • Humiliation
  • Car accidents, or other spontaneous traumatic events

There are many more examples of childhood trauma, but I just wanted to provide you with a few to give you an idea of what inner child work deals with. It’s also important to remember that our parents weren’t the only ones responsible for provoking childhood trauma — our grandparents, brothers, sisters, extended family members, family friends and childhood friends may have also played a part.Inner child work is the process of contacting, understanding, embracing and healing your inner child. Your inner child represents your first original self that entered into this world; it contains your capacity to experience wonder, joy, innocence, sensitivity and playfulness. Letting yourself discover and heal is the beginning of letting go of the past and moving forward.


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