Sessions and Rates

Hypnosis and Lucia Light Session - $150.00- include - includes one download or CD recording for home use - Sessions include: Leaving the past Behind, Bruxism (teeth grinding), Stop Smoking, Sleep, Removing Negitive Thoughts, include tools and materials to begin your new journey.  

Introductiory Lucia Light Session -  1.5 hours - $125.00  ( no Hypnotherapy during this session) 

Additional  Light Sessions - 1 hour - $60.00

Tea Leaf and Card Reading -1 hour- 75.00

Tea Leaf , Card Reading and  20 min Lucia Light Session 1.5 hour 150.00

Hypnosis & Lucia Light no 3 package -  3 Session Package including Lucia Light : $300.00  Includes all materials and tools to jumpstart and excel your sessions. Includes one personalized recording on CD or MP3, or download into your tablet or computer and all other materials. 

Session One: (90 minutes) This is all about you feeling comfortable and getting to know who you are and what you desire in your life at this time. 

Session Two: This session is all about transformation. You will receive one custom download session (or CD)  created for you to use in between sessions.  Let the magic begin.  

Sessions Three: Follow up hypnosis session & Lucia light together to further developing your own self-awareness.

Payment: Visa and MasterCard, E-transfer, Cash and Checks accepted.
Note: 24-hour cancellation policy. 

Many extended health plans now cover Hypnosis & Lucia Light Therapy, check with your provider. 

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