Lucia Light No 3 - Hypnotic Light Therapy


Turn on and journey into your personal portal into your inner space.

The Lucia N°03 helps the you travel into an active dimension of your mind without any effort or long-term practice. The desisre to change expirence and behavior above consciousness can be seen as an attempt to drive the wrong way down a neuropsycholoical path. Tune IN  and understand the outer reality, the "is" state is positioned with the "should be" state, which is aimed for through the use of "Hynagogic" Light Expirence.

  • awareness detached from the body 
  • immersion in worlds of colour and shape
  • rapid and sustained deep relaxation
  • increased learning capacity and performance
  • an expirence of mindfulness or “slowing down”
  • time and spacelessness
  • immersion in worlds of colour and shape and never before seen beauty
  • deep emotions and a strong feeling of happiness
  • spiritual experiences
  • deep emotions & strong feeling of happiness
  • rapid and sustained deep relaxation 
  • increased learning capacity and performance
  • time and spacelessness

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